Tenant Information

On behalf of building ownership and our entire building staff, we extend a warm welcome to the First National Bank Building (FNBB). We are delighted to have you as our tenant and will do everything possible to make your tenancy enjoyable and rewarding.

The information below is intended to be a resource for the various services and amenities that are offered at FNBB, as well as the general procedures in place at FNBB.

Communication is the most crucial element in implementing the policies and procedures in this guide. To ensure effective communication, Madison Equities requests that you designate a “tenant representative” to be the contact between your company and the management office staff. Your tenant representative will be responsible for making request or reporting problems as well as conveying important information from our office to your employees.

Please call us with specific questions regarding the information in this guide. We look forward to a long and enjoyable partnership with you.

Tenant Requests
NetFacilities - Work Order System manages and records tenant service requests. Tenants have the ability to place requests on line through the system and manage their work order history

General Building Information

Building Forms